Excerpt 15: Scene from a Nightmare

by Jevon

Larsen was thrown into large pit. He tumbled down the slightly steep side wall before finally settling somewhere at the bottom. He lay face down on a rocky surface. His bounds were loosened just enough so that his rough journey down would be able to completely free him. His entire body was in pain. His hands and legs still burned from being tied too tightly. His waist and back felt twisted from the fall. His arms were sore. It was fortunate that he had on a breastplate and a helmet else he was sure his neck and ribs would be broken.

He heard the sound of something metallic impact the ground close to him. Looking in the direction of the noise, he saw it was his sword. It seems the savages kept it just for this purpose. He struggled to his feet with trembling arms and picked it up from the ground, his fingers barely being able to close around the hilt.

The pit was in a clearing somewhere in the forest. Larsen could see no trees around. From here the full moon was clearly visible, and its light illuminated the surroundings enough to see around. The pit was rocky and dry, with large boulders scattered about, and dried human bones littering the floor. On one end he could see a large wooden double door in the wall, seemingly covering a cave opening. He surveyed the top of the pit and saw all the creatures with various animal heads surrounding the circumference, shouting and bellowing, jumping and taunting, brandishing their weapons menacingly in the air. Some were beating drums to their favoured rhythm, and others were beating their weapons on the ground.

Larsen heard a new tone in the beat, something metallic. At specific intervals he heard a clashing of metal. He looked around and saw the hawk headed creature standing high on a protruding rock. It held in its hands two large scimitars that it crashed together at the start of the rhythm, and at the point where the pitch increased. The metal echoed and resonated throughout the entire crude arena. Everything looked and sounded like a scene from a nightmare.

Larsen tried to gather his focus, not knowing what to expect, but preparing himself for anything. No doubt whatever he was here for had something to do with the large wooden door. He tried to push the horrific sound out of his mind, and focus only on cutting down whatever was coming, then exacting his revenge on all of these creatures for separating him from Gwen.

He heard a movement of chains and saw some of the creatures turning a huge cog. A long chain attached to it slowly pulled the doors open. The doors came into contact with the wall of the pit with a loud thump. The movement of the chain stopped, and now the doors were fully opened, revealing a dark opening. This is it, thought Larsen.