King Larsen

by J. Knights, 2012

King Larsen’s entire world shatters when his beloved queen, Gwen, becomes infected with an unknown illness and dies. He loses his will to rule and his kingdom, Vingstead, is overthrown by Malick, King of Hansguard. A year passes, Larsen never recovers from his despair, living as a vagabond just close enough to Gwen’s grave so he could visit her, and all his people suffer under Malick’s oppressive laws. However, Larsen learns that Gwen never actually died from her illness and it is possible to get her back by taking her into a land called the Insane World.

The journey is dangerous, and the few who have returned from the Insane World are half-eaten and mad. Disregarding all warnings, Larsen digs Gwen up from her grave and embarks on the quest, setting into motion a series of events that puts the entire world in danger. Will he be able to reach his destination? What is this illness that Gwen is suffering from? Will the people of Vingstead ever be free from Malick’s rule?